Repair & Maintenance

Properties, left unoccupied, tend to deteriorate quickly. Next time you see a foreclosed property take a look. Trash, broken windows, signs of a leak. It can accumulate quickly.

Having a real person check on the property will prevent deterioration of the process, removing the chances of depreciation. Is there a leak? Our team will repair it. By performing regular maintenance throughout the property you are guaranteed to avoid emergency disasters that cause property value loss.

Seasonal Preparations

An often forgotten measure of property maintenance is to ensure that your property is ready for seasonal changes. Each season brings challenges to your property that need preparation. Spring rains, summer sun, fall leaves, winter snowstorms. By taking the time to prepare your property for the upcoming season and to regularly check on it, you greatly reduce the risk of a costly disaster striking your property.

Clean Property

When a property is vacated by foreclosure there are always personal items left behind. Whether the previous tenants were in a rush to leave, or simply did not need their belongings anymore – their problem suddenly becomes yours.

With our property preservation service, our specialist will come to the property and make certain those items are moved for you. The property will then be cleaned, repaired as needed and put on a proper regular maintenance schedule.


Without proper supervision, a foreclosed property can have serious issues. Flooding and mold issues are only a couple of issues that could force you into deep renovations to bring your property value back. Even if your property looks fine, the lack of a tenant makes it the perfect time to update your property and increase its value. Sometimes a little update to match current trends is all it will take to increase your property value and make your property more tempting to leasers. The property preservation services at White Glove Property Management includes the repair, maintenance and cleaning of renovation as well.

Realty Services

White Glove offers more than property management services. We have a team of professional real estate agents that are ready to help. Whether you are purchasing a home, finding rental property or even selling your home. We also offer guidance in investment properties. Our team can help you with current market trends and in finding just the right location for you properties.

White Glove Property Management can assist you with your goals!